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The default workflow is used for issue types that does not have a workflow set in the workflow scheme associated with the current project. The default workflow is also used in the default workflow scheme setup.
This is an overview of the default workflow setup with its steps and transitions:

StepConnected statusStateOutgoing transitionsNotes
NewNewOpen and editableInvestigate issue -> Investigating
Confirm issue -> Confirmed
Reject issue -> Rejected
Accept issue -> In progress
Resolve issue -> Closed
This is the default, initial step all issues start in
InvestigatingInvestigatingOpen and editableRequest more information -> New
Confirm issue -> Confirmed
Reject issue -> Rejected
Accept issue -> In progress
ConfirmedConfirmedOpen but not editableAccept issue -> In progress
Assign issue -> In progress
Resolve issue -> Closed
In progressBeing worked onOpen but not editableReject issue -> Rejected
Mark ready for testing -> Ready for testing
Resolve issue -> Closed
Ready for testingReady for testing / QAOpen but not editableResolve issue -> Closed
Test issue solution -> Testing
TestingTesting / QAOpen but not editableAccept issue solution -> Closed
Reject issue solution -> In progress
RejectedNot a bugClosed and not editableReopen issue -> New
Closed-Closed and not editableReopen issue -> NewThis workflow step is not linked directly to a status

Some things to note about the default workflow:
  • It is not possible to directly move an issue from new to closed - it has to either be accepted or assigned first. You can however move it directly to rejected if it is invalid or duplicate
  • The Closed step is not linked to a status, but has two valid statuses - Closed and Postponed

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